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New Scentsy scents available this month, while supplies last!   See the scent descriptions below:

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If you are interested in purchasing this collection, please visit my website here.

$20 Nightlight Warmers


If you love Scentsy night lights – these are all of them that we have available.  The most popular ones are the Starry night one – bottom row, as well as the Wake Up and Be Awesome night light also on the bottom row.  The most popular one that I sell tho is the owl one on the 2nd to bottom row on the left.  Love it!   If you want your own night light, head to my website at

While you are there, you can look at all of the warmer options!

xoxo, jen

New! Cord Concealing Stands!

New cord concealing stands! I admit, I scrunch up the cords and do my best to conceal the cords on many of my warmers. I also have a lot of warmers just for decoration sake. My front room has 4 warmers in it and only one I actually use. I try my best to hide those cords but with these stands, but now I don’t have to do that anymore. #scentsyforthewin

Scentsy Has Diffusers for Essential Oils!

Did you know that?  They are gorgeous – the pretty diffusers I’ve ever seen.  They have several light options – see pictures below.  They can just be white or black or you can change the colors on them.  The kids ones have removable magnets too.  I think they are pretty adorable!

There are essential oils as well but they are for aromatherapy ONLY.  They are not to be used on skin or ingested.  I do have to say, they smell delicious, especially the ones from the kids line.  YUM.  Any essential oils can be used in the diffusers though.

Oh AND there is a lifetime warranty!  Pretty neat purchase and investment!

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xoxo, jen

Retro warmers

I had the awesome opportunity of heading to the Scentsy Corporate Offices for some training for Scentsy’s SuperStar Directors and I got to see these adorable warmers in person.  They totally speak to me – the roller skates remind me of the skates I had as a child.  I used to practice in my backyard for hours.  I love the toaster because it reminds me of my grandparents, the camper is just adorable.  I would love to own one that looks exactly like it!  The whale isn’t retro but it’s so cute!  My daughter saw it and said “I want that!”  It might just be a Christmas present for her! And really, that scooter is SO CUTE.  I wish I had one just like it!  If you want any of these adorable warmers, you can order them on my website at: 


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