Scentsy Has Diffusers for Essential Oils!

Did you know that?  They are gorgeous – the pretty diffusers I’ve ever seen.  They have several light options – see pictures below.  They can just be white or black or you can change the colors on them.  The kids ones have removable magnets too.  I think they are pretty adorable!

There are essential oils as well but they are for aromatherapy ONLY.  They are not to be used on skin or ingested.  I do have to say, they smell delicious, especially the ones from the kids line.  YUM.  Any essential oils can be used in the diffusers though.

Oh AND there is a lifetime warranty!  Pretty neat purchase and investment!

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xoxo, jen

Join in September for $49/$59!!!!

This month ONLY you can join for half the price!  The kit is not lacking at all – mini testers instead of party testers, catalogs, order forms etc.  You still have the option to get the $99 kit but if you want to just pay $49 (or $59 for Canada) plus shipping this is the month to do it!  Go to my website to sign up.  I would LOVE to have you! I have an awesome team and we are all over the US, Canada, and many other countries.   The link to join on my website is:

You can also message me and I can send you information regarding joining if you have questions!

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Retro warmers

I had the awesome opportunity of heading to the Scentsy Corporate Offices for some training for Scentsy’s SuperStar Directors and I got to see these adorable warmers in person.  They totally speak to me – the roller skates remind me of the skates I had as a child.  I used to practice in my backyard for hours.  I love the toaster because it reminds me of my grandparents, the camper is just adorable.  I would love to own one that looks exactly like it!  The whale isn’t retro but it’s so cute!  My daughter saw it and said “I want that!”  It might just be a Christmas present for her! And really, that scooter is SO CUTE.  I wish I had one just like it!  If you want any of these adorable warmers, you can order them on my website at: 


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The Perfect Fall Scent!

I’ve been finishing up warming some of my favorite summer scents but the weather is changing, so I feel like it’s time to start warming fall-ish scents.  We remodeled our kitchen over the summer (like totally gutted it and started over).  It went from total dump, to amazing.  I want to spend all of my time in my kitchen now, where-as before, I never wanted to be home because it was so embarrassing.  Lucky for us, we have a small kitchen downstairs that we used while we gutted our upstairs kitchen.  But now that we aren’t using that anymore, it’s back to where I store all of my Scentsy stuff.  I was reorganizing it all last night and I was going through all of the bars I use personally looking for anything that might be in the Fall category.  I came across a couple that I like ok but all of the sudden, I hit the jack pot and found my most favorite fall scent ever!  Cider Mill!  It’s like walking into a house that is freshly brewing apple cinnamon cider.  It is to die for!

I’ve never run up  my stairs so fast, and who cares that it was already 11pm.  I put a cube of that in my warmer so fast and I’ve been in heaven ever since!  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it.  What are you waiting for?  Head on over to my website and order yourself a 6 pack of Cider Mill.  You can thank me later.  And while you are at it, be sure to use the Combine and Save option so that you can get 6 bars for $25 (buy 6, get 1 free!) I will make it extra easy for you and give you the exact link:

Oh and if you don’t believe me on the smell, do a search in Google.  I just did, to find the picture for this post, and everything I saw gives this scent 5 out of 5 stars.  Yes, it is THAT amazing!





Meet Buck and Meadow!

Buck and Meadow are Scentsy’s newest buddies! They are $30 and include a scent pak of your choice!


If you don’t know what a Scentsy buddy is, it is the softest stuffed animal you will ever feel!  You can insert a scent pak (of your choice – choose from Scentsy’s current scents) and the buddy will smell delicious!  Some people like putting French Lavendar in their backs, so the buddy will hopefully mellow a child before bed.  I have my kids put their teeth that have fallen out into the zipper on the buddy so the tooth fairy can easily find it in the night!  There are a lot of things one can do with a buddy, but mostly, they just want to be loved!


Buddies are “while supplies last.”  Once they are gone, they are gone!

eeef198390264d16fcb77379537ee9b2   Click on Shop and then click on Scentsy Kids.



Love Heals

Scentsy is all about “Giving more than you take.” The owners have ingrained this into us since they bought the company. They always choose a cause to support and a portion of the sales go back to the company. They have given millions to various causes. This catalog, the cause is Shriners Hospital. The goal is to give back $500,000. You can learn more at but if you want a “Love Heals” Scentsy warmer, Scentsy will donate $8 from the sale of each warmer back to Shriners. This warmer is $35. Here is the back story about how Shriners was chosen.

I didn’t know much about The Shriner’s Hospital before now, until Chuck Thompson (our CEO Orville’s brother) shared with us his experience with them during our convention. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I am thrilled that our Charitable Cause warmer “Love Heals” is helping Shriner’s Hospital help others.

Chuck shares his experience:
“I was asked by someone to tell about my experience with Shriners hospital for Children as many were not at reunion and to tell why this cause is so dear to me.

My oldest son, who will turn 29 next Monday, was born with several challenges. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old so he had that to deal with but as he grew we began to notice skeletal and muscle issue. His tendons were really tight and he had a limited range of motion. When he was about 10 or 11 we started taking him to physical therapy to try and loosen his limbs as well as some other issues. In that process we were referred to Shriners Hospital in Spokane because we were struggling to keep the therapists paid. He was beginning to have a severe curve to his spine…in two directions. Over the years they tried everything from therapy to full torso back braces he had to wear 24/7. You can imagine how an Autistic kid in a back brace was treated by others. 🙁. Not at Shriners though. They loved on him, made him feel important, treated him with respect. Even though it was painful and difficult for him he always looked forward to seeing his friends at Shriners… not kids… the doctors and especially the nurses. They were angles. When he was 18 he had a very extensive surgery where they fused most of his spine straight, leaving just enough so that he could move his head and bend at the waist. It was major front and back. At the time I was working in the Car business as a sales manager in a small town for a small dealer. We had 4 other kids at the time and because of choice and because of Spencer my wife didn’t work. Had Shriners not come along and filled in the gap where I couldn’t Spencer Thompson…yes that is him…would not be walking and would be twisted and slumped. Instead he has a career at Scentsy working in our shipping department. He has dreams, purpose, even a young girl he is madly in love with. His time at Shriners remains a happy memory for him, not a negative one. Love heals!. Not only wounds but by staying true to that mission Shriners allows what could be painful memories to be memories filled with fond joy. There you made me cry.”

You can purchase this warmer on my website at 

September’s Warmer of The month: Casting Spells


I am in LOVE with this new warmer and scent.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.  In fact, I love it so much that I usually start decorating for it way too early.  I’m trying to restrain this year!  But I admit, I do have this warmer out already!  It is 10% off this month, retailing for $49.50 (regular price will be $55 starting in October!)  One of the cool things about it is that the branch and spider web come with it!!!!  Super cool!

The scent is delicious – it is a good strong scent and it lasts for a long time.  Right at the end of warming it, as it’s starting to fade, the caramel apple aspect is delicious.

If you are interested in ordering this warmer, you can find it on my website at  and go to Specials and then Scent and Warmer of the Month.  Both the warmer and the scent are 10% off this month only.



New Fall / Winter Catalog is here!


The new catalog is out and it is amazing!  It’s full of new warmers for the fall and winter, new scents and new products!  If you want a new catalog, comment below or email me your name and address and I will send you one for free!


Do you love cinnamon scents?  So do I!  You can get any 6 scents you want for $25.  Each scent is $5 or you can buy 3 for $14 or 6 for $25!  Order from my website at   Be sure to click on Shop and Combine and Save!


I love the new Retro collection!  Doesn’t this bring you back to your days as a kid?  (That is, if you are my age!)  Which warmer is your favorite?