Indigo Collection

Indigo fragrances are on sale now! Whether you’re feeling bold and daring, confident and serene, meditative and mysterious, impulsive and energetic, or every mood in between, explore Indigo. 

Indigo was created by Scentsy owner, Heidi Thompson.    She says, ” Indigo is a global story — just like fragrance is a global story. Sourced and shared from India to Africa to America and beyond, drawing out emotion and impacting the world in immeasurable ways. How could we not marry two such remarkable stories, and two such powerful senses, to create something special?

I’ve wanted to curate limited-edition, “boutique” fragrance collections for years. As for Indigo, the color itself inspired me. Our incredibly creative perfumers designed six unique and alluring fragrances to express its complexity and depth.”

Step into a different world with Indigo. It can be purchased here, while supplies last. $30 for the collection.