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Host A Scentsy Party!

Host a Scentsy party as an independent consultant or to earn free products

Hosting a party is a great way to earn your Scentsy for FREE! Parties are easy to set up, provide a fun environment to spend time with your friends, and even expose you to the owning your own business opportunity. Here are some of the rewards you will receive for hosting your own Scentsy Party:

Guest Sales Free Product Credit 1/2 Price Items
$150 - $249 10% 1
$250 - $399 10% 2
$400 - $999 15% 3
$10000+ 15% 4

Contact me and schedule a time and date for your party. Invite everyone you know to come experience Scentsy. When your party is over, add up your sales and choose your half price and free items!

Scentsy Basket party products

Not into home parties? No problem! You can also do a Basket Party with Scentsy. Your consultant will have a set of testers that look like lip gloss containers that they will drop off to you (or mail to you) along with catalogs and order forms. Show your friends and family on your own time and reap the same rewards as a home party. Itís so easy!

All Home and Basket parties of $150 or more in sales receive FREE SHIPPING! Shipping is only charged for direct ship individual orders (10%). Hawaii and Alaska are 10% shipping just for the party, and direct shipping to those states is 20%.

It's easy for me to send you a Basket (catalog) or Party kit. Schedule your own home or basket party today. You will love the rewards when you Party Wickless with Scentsy!