Join Scentsy!

Being a Scentsy Consultant is more than just an opportunity to be involved with one of the fastest growing direct sales companies, it is a chance to push your personal limits, find new friends, and create a better future for your family.

If you have ever started your own business before, you know how challenging it is to find products that people want to buy, deal with employees, and work with customers. As a Scentsy Consultant so much of that work is already done for you. The products are great and there is a low cost to get started, and you also have sponsors to mentor and train you.


Scentsy was started in 2004. It has created fantastic products that allows anyone to start a work from home business in their spare time. The plan is easy. Introduce classy decorative wax warmers to friends, neighbors and even strangers and as they sample the more than 80 different scented waxes you find yourself easily talking about their likes and dislikes. When they purchase, you gain a friend who may want to be informed about the latest warmer styles, new scents, or the more than 500 different items that Scentsy has to offer your customers.

And Scentsy knows that for a consultant to make their new business grow and succeed they must provide fresh new products on a regular basis. Scentsy Corporate also helps by providing incentive trips, training retreats, and conventions to help keep every Scentsy Consultant up to date with all the changes in the company, spot light the success of hard working people, and help keep you motivated and focused on achieving your personal goals with the company.


When my husband and I started working on our Scentsy business, 10 years ago in 2005, we were part of the ground breaking group which started to spread the Scentsy Opportunity across the United States. We are amazed how the company has grown and with more than 200,000 Scentsy Consultants in countries such as Canada, Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States there is a great opportunity to build a fantastic career helping people find products they are proud to show to guests. Even better,  we get to help people find the same financial freedom we have worked so hard to achieve ourselves.

Our success came by being the type of Scentsy Consultant that is focused on the success of our entire team. We spend a lot of time helping fellow consultants understand how to build their teams, find new ways to market Scentsy Products, keep their teams motivated, and best of all how to repeat what we have done to be successful.

Contact us and ask the hard questions about becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant or about the great products Scentsy offers.