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Direct Sales (MLM) Marketing Is A Real Business Opportunity

MLM Businesses--What are they?

MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, and Direct Selling are all business models used by companies to sell a product person to person.

There is nothing bad about working in this industry if you know the truth! And the company has an honest product and an honest business model.

Are they scams?

Some may be. If the company or sales people use too-good-to-be-true statements (like juices that can cure cancer!!) then I'd stay away from them. But products like Scentsy's wickless candle products make no such claim and add real value to your home or office.

Can you succeed?

Why Should Scentsy Be Your Next Business?

MLM Business opportunities are about hard work and sticking to a plan. There is real money to be made (I really know people who are making thousands... tens of thousands... even hundreds of thousands each month. I'll give you names!) So if thousands of Network Marketing direct sales representatives are making real money, so can you. The secret is hidden in how to set up, manage, advertise and grow your Multi-Level Marketing business.

Direct marketing is about people

What is the truth about MLM Businesses?

I'll tell you the skinny on Direct Selling businesses. THEY ARE NOT GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES. If a MLM distributor tells you that you can get rich quick, run away... fast. Here's why.

  • It takes money to make money
  • It takes time to grow money (not on tree's)
  • High risk = potential high rewards
  • Hard work = faster growth

The truth about multi level marketing is this. Given time and money you can build a successful business that can replace your 9-5 job. And if you sell products you can believe in, (compare juices, vitamins, and gas additives for your car to Scentsy products), it is easy to promote your new MLM business.

How? I'll tell you a few of the secrets I have found:

  • Network marketing is not about getting people to join your business; it is about keeping them in your business.
  • No matter how great of a sales person you are, you cannot sell as much as 1000 Network Marketers combined. In other words, why do it alone when you can get help from others.
  • A MLM business is like any other marketing or sales company. To grow, you have to make the public aware of your products.
  • There are two main divisions of products for multi-level marketers:
    • The products the company sells
    • The opportunity to be your own boss
  • Luck does play a role with the growth of a MLM Business.
  • 1 hour of helping someone else succeed is worth hundreds of sales appointments.
  • Success is never guaranteed, but it can be fought for, and can be achieved.
  • The support of your spouse or family is key to your success.

What are the downsides to a MLM Business?

  • You don't start with the built in clientele that McDonalds has, you have to build it over time.
  • You must put a lot of personal effort into the early stages of your direct selling business to have long-term success.
  • There are no territories so the competition is tougher.
  • Some companies and people may try to scam you into joining as a direct seller just because they want the "numbers", but don't have any real interest in helping you succeed.
MLM success comes through teamwork.

What about the perks of a Multi-Level Marketing Career?

I dare you to name a regular 9-5 job that gives you these perks:

  • You set your own hours and work as often as you like.
  • Want a vacation? Take one, you are the boss.
  • You get a money multiplier for your efforts: you don't make "by the hour wages" because your wages as a MLM business owner multiply as your company grows.
  • WORK FROM HOME, or on the road, or a plane, how about a boat while travelling to Europe. Wherever you can get the internet you can do your work.
  • The number of people that are interested in both of your main direct sales product lines number in the millions... always....

What type of direct selling or Multi-level marketing model does Scentsy use?

Scentsy uses a party plan model to introduce their products to new buyers and to help with support. And for this product it is a wonderful way to be organized.

Party Plans are also known as home parties. An independent and authorized consultant can go into homes and help people organize parties where the host or hostess can also earn rewards which can be applied towards their own purchases. Additionally a special home party, called a Basket Party can be scheduled where the certified consultant can send out a sample pack of Scents and order forms and a host or hostess can pass the basket around their neighborhood or office or amongst friends instead of inviting people over to their home.

The commission structure is called a uni-level plan. This means that as you gain customers or sponsor other independent consultants part of all the monthly sales represent your income. As you become more successfull as an independent concultant your earning potential keeps growing.

If you have questions, call me or my wife. My name is Brian (801.486.2486) and I fully endorse and support my wife selling Scentsy candle products as a MLM Business opportunity which she does work from home. No hype, it is a REAL PRODUCT that will add REAL VALUE. Either my wife (Jen) or I will happily tell you all about Scentsy and what we have done to grow our Direct Sales business.