Bonjour! Pari the Poodle

Say Hello to a cute Scentsy buddy that was introduced in April 2016.  Pari the Poodle is an adorable addition to our fun Scentsy buddy collection!  I don’t know about you, but my kids especially my youngest has a shelf full of these fun buddies.  Every new one that comes out, she has to have!  Each buddy comes with a scent pak of your choice.  See all of the Scentsy buddies here.   Buddies are a limited addition – until supplies run out.  They are great for baby shower gifts (their softness can’t be beat), birthday presents, Easter, Valentines Day or any time presents!


Indigo Collection

Indigo fragrances are on sale now! Whether you’re feeling bold and daring, confident and serene, meditative and mysterious, impulsive and energetic, or every mood in between, explore Indigo. 

Indigo was created by Scentsy owner, Heidi Thompson.    She says, ” Indigo is a global story — just like fragrance is a global story. Sourced and shared from India to Africa to America and beyond, drawing out emotion and impacting the world in immeasurable ways. How could we not marry two such remarkable stories, and two such powerful senses, to create something special?

I’ve wanted to curate limited-edition, “boutique” fragrance collections for years. As for Indigo, the color itself inspired me. Our incredibly creative perfumers designed six unique and alluring fragrances to express its complexity and depth.”

Step into a different world with Indigo. It can be purchased here, while supplies last. $30 for the collection.


June’s Warmer of the Month: Celebrate

This beautiful mason jar warmer would be a perfect addition to anyone who loves the mason jar look and the 4th of July!  The mason jar decor style is here to stay.  Celebrate our freedom with this warmer.  It is 10% off this month only.  You can purchase it here.



June’s Scent Of The Month: Blue Raspberry Ice

Welcome to summer with this yummy scent- 10% off this month! Sweet cherries, lemons and blue raspberry makes up this delicious scent of the month.  Take yourself back to when you were a child, and loved those red, white, and blue ice pops.  Oh, the glorious days of summer! This scent is 10% off this month here.


Father’s Day Bundle

If Dad loves Baseball, then don’t forget to hurry and order this bundle for him!  It’s an MLB warmer of his choice plus 3 free bars!  This can be ordered here.  Father’s Day is June 19th!



Meet Stevie The Shark

Stevie is our newest cute Scentsy buddy. If you don’t know anything about the buddies, I’ll just tell you that they are the softest stuffed animals I’ve ever felt AND they smell great!  You choose a scent pak to put in the buddy and they smell for a really long time.  Some people like to put French Lavendar in theirs, as it promotes better sleep.  Some people like fruity scents, or kid friendly scents.  You can find Stevie The Shark until he sells out here. There are also other cute buddies still available!