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Scentsy Warmers, pleasant aromas, and a great home business opportunity

The Scentsy candle company prides itself on two main components: a quality product anyone would be happy to have in their home, and the company provides an authentic opportunity for a successful home business. Here, you can learn about both.

The Scentsy opportunity includes plenty of easy-to-accomplish things to do to make sales, including:

  • Fundraisers
  • Home parties
  • Basket parties, and
  • Even Internet parties!

Work at home opportunity

The generous commission plan, along with the expert training provided by Scentsy and our Certified Consultants, can help you achieve your new income, and begin a planned path towards reaching your financial comfort.

Scentsy is a well-established company of nearly a decade. The company's humble beginnings started in a basement, with two moms looking for a better way to provide for their families, has spawned a company that is now making Wickless Candles, with a work at home opportunity which has proven international success in the United States and Canada, and now Europe.

It's the simplicity of Scentsy that everyone appreciates and makes it appealing.    Between over 80 scented waxes which melt over a simple 25-watt light bulb along with 45 decorative warmers, We have something for everyone, whether it's your home, school, dorm room, retirement home, or office. The refreshing scents give any area an added -scentual- pleasure.

There are no open flames - greatly reducing risk - and no harmful metals or chemicals released when the wax bars are warmed. The candle wax is warm to the touch, completely safe around children, and easily removed from fabrics and carpets if spilled.

Enjoy browsing through our products and choose the right ones for you, whether you would like a full size warmer, medium warmers, plug-in warmers, room sprays, scent circles, travel tins, scented waxes and our NEW Personal Fragrances called "Layers. And coming in May don't miss a new way to 'fondue' with Velata!"

Enjoy the warmth of Scentsy in so many ways, including as your next home based business opportunity.

Scentsy authentic products include: How the Scentsy system works

  • The remarkable Scentsy warmer, in more than one size
  • Scent circles
  • Room sprays
  • Travel tins
  • Plug-in warmers
  • Buddies, plus
  • Over 80 uniquely different scents for you to choose from to make your home, office, or any other space you choose a pleasant place to be and an extension of your own unique personality.

See the online products catalog to see all the great products we have to offer. We will be excited to help you place an order for a great product.